When do positions begin?

Amity hires teachers year round from our recruitment offices in Los Angeles and Japan.

May I complete the entire interview process via telephone or video conference?
Yes, currently, all interviews are conducted via video conference. Successful candidates will be invited to complete various stages of their interview using the Spark Hire platform. Interview process is subject to change in the future.

The process differs slightly for candidates interviewing in Japan. Please be advised that you may be asked to interview at one of our branch school locations.

How long is the contract?

Native English Teachers commit to a one-year contract. All first year contracts must be one year.

Is it possible to choose where I live and work in Japan?

Amity does welcome requests for location and departure time; however, we ask that candidates be flexible. As not every location will become available at the time the teacher is ready to depart. We also consider the needs of the locations when placing candidates.

Does Amity consider candidates who do not possess a Bachelor’s Degree?

Amity requires that its Native English Teachers possess a Bachelor’s Degree. Candidates without a degree from an accredited university will not be considered.

Can I work for Amity if I do not speak Japanese?

Native English Teachers do not use Japanese in the classroom; therefore, Japanese language ability is not required to apply.

I am not a citizen of an English speaking country. May I still apply?

Amity hires native English speakers. A candidate from a non-English speaking country must have completed their primary, secondary, and Bachelor’s Degree from institutions where English is the primary language of instruction.

Does Amity consider candidates without teaching experience?

Though experience working with children and teaching experience are considered assets, these are not requirements. Amity provides
comprehensive training to all new Native English Teachers upon arrival in Japan.

Does Amity hire couples?

All candidates who meet Amity’s requirements are welcome to apply. Each member of the couple must submit a separate resume and essay. Should both applicants be successful, Amity will do its best to place the couple close together.

Company-provided apartments are for single occupancy. Couples housing is not provided.

Is it possible to bring my family?

Amity does not sponsor Visa permits for dependents and company-provided apartments are arranged for single occupancy. Arrangements for Dependent Visa’s and housing would be the responsibility of the candidate.

Is there a limit to how long I can work for Amity?

Amity offers contract renewals to Native English Teachers based on performance evaluations. There is no limit to the number of renewal offers a Native English Teacher can receive.

May I apply to both AEON and Amity?

Candidates are welcome to apply to both organizations. It is recommended that candidates make the recruitment staff aware that applications have been submitted to both AEON and Amity.

What does NET stand for?

NET stands for “Native English Teacher”.

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